Sunday, August 15, 2021

Learning Event

We had a great learning event hosted by the New England chapter of the Sisters in Crime.

What did we learn? How to use Tik Tok- hope fully for book promotion, not just entertainment. 

The class was taught by Kim Shapiro, who walked us through the basics, and explained why this could be useful for writers. 

It was held under a tent at the Sturbridge Publick House, and though hot, we had plenty of fans. 

Prolific author Edith Maxwell greets us.
For an interview with Edith, click here.

Nicole Asselin and Lisa Lieberman, not really waiting for the bar to open.
For a post about Nicole's debut, click here

Lisa is regrettably leaving us for the Chicago area. She'll be missed! 

Arlene Kay here, waiting for us to start.
For an interview with Arlene, click here

About to begin...

One gang of troublemakers- Judy Copek, Christine, Mo Walsh, and Nicole.

Hans Copek joins them.

A great time, and good information which means more work, but hopefully more sales.

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  1. Actually meeting IN PERSON was terrific. A true tonic for the writers' soul.I was intrigued by TIC TOC presentation and hope to use it to increase my readership