Sunday, September 12, 2021

Books in Boothbay 2021

 We had a great day at the Books in Boothbay (Maine) Festival this weekend. A perfect day for weather, book buyers, authors, and the bookstore selling our books, Sherman's

A good crowd came out to shop for new reads...

Saw authors I've met at other events, like Kate Flora

And Barbara Ross, who used to be a local here.

Dick Cass

BJ Magnani

Sandra Manning

And the whole Eddie Vincent gang from Encircle Publications

Richard Cass

BJ Magnani 

S. Lee Manning

Anne Britting Oleson

Matt Cost

Kevin St. Jarre

Lara Tupper

Also a few folks new to me, like Caitlin Wahrer and her mum

Danielle Bannister

William Chanler

Hilary Bartlett

Glad to have this great event back in business. 

Thanks to all the staff who made this happen, and to our shoppers! 


  1. Great work Dale. So very nice to have met & chatted with you. -T Blen Parker