Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Last year story subs

Went through my submissions list for last year. I submitted stories to 43 places- out of that a number folded, and some didn't reply. A pile of rejections, but a few stories sold. Not too bad, all told.

Many places make it a real pain to submit, with special formatting instructions that take time and effort to get just to their particular ideosyncrasies. They want you to jump through hoops and submit a timeless, original classic story, and pay you five bucks. It can be a grind. Taking me a long time to find a market for an excellent mystery- there aren't many places to go.

But the number of published stories keeps increasing. When a story is rejected, it usually goes right back out again to another market. With about nine stories rotating, it keeps me busy.

And still no word on the novel. Guy's busy, but shoot, I can read ten pages for someone even when I'm wicked busy.

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