Monday, February 8, 2010


Although not a football fan, I do watch the Superbowl when someone invites me over. So it was last night. Now I know people have their preferences, but most of the people I've spoken to claim to have been rooting for New Orleans. You have to admit, they sure could use a little help down there, and it looks like they got a real boost last night.

Several years after our "government" refused to help, and abandoned a major United States city to a horrible natural disaster where many lost their lives, much of the area down there is still a disaster. The "government" handed over our tax dollars to their corrupt buddies for "rebuilding", and the money went once again into the coffers of the rich, instead of helping the people it was meant to. Insult to injury.

So yeah, New Orleans is justly celebrating, and it should be one whopper of a Mardi Gras this year. Rock on, N'awlins. You've earned it. Your team got off to a rocky start last night, but straightened out and proved themselves worthy.

Laissez les bon ton roulez!

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