Thursday, February 11, 2010

A Tale of Two Charlies- Part 1

There are two Charlies of note in the news today, and both have an impact on your life, though most people won't give a thought to either of them.

The first is Charlie Baker, a rich hobbyist politico who wants to be the next governor of Massachusetts. The second is Charlie Wilson, the ex-Congressman who just passed away. We'll discuss him later.

Charlie Baker is mentioned in today's Boston Globe. The guy who has already publicly shown his contempt for the voters of this state has been repeatedly asked his views on global warming. As a running-for-office wannabe, it's a fair and expected question. The answer matters a lot to the people of this state, because we have a great deal invested in green technology. And if it turns out that Charlie is a naysayer to the vast majority of the scientific community, we're up the rapidly-rising creek without a paddle.

However, this gutless wonder refuses to answer, choosing to weasel out of it with a lawyer's wiles. He won't answer because he's the usual political coward, afraid to lose any potential votes. He knows that to get elected in this state, he must kiss ass of people of both political parties. He hopes to smile and wave and tap-dance long enough for the deluded suckers to vote him into office. Then he can ride around playing Important Man.

Sorry, Charlie. If you want to be a leader, you have to state your views when asked. It's part of the deal, see? Otherwise, it's the equivalent of lying to us. We like to know what we're getting in advance, not get unpleasantly surprised once you take office. We don't need your politics-as-usual brand of celebrity, where you talk out of both sides of your mouth, depending on which crowd you're in front of.

So Charlie stands on the deck of the Titanic, refusing to say whether there's an iceberg out there. He'd rather keep you guessing. Don't guess- pin this chickenshit down!

He wants to play at being Governor, a damned difficult job in this state. It takes more than a smile and a sound bite, Charlie, and you don't have the guts, the spine, or the chops. Go back to your mansions and play with some other toys, than the lives of the people of this state. We're not all as stupid as you think we are.

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