Thursday, September 9, 2010

Backwards into the Future

Especially since the year 2000, the governemnt of the United States seems intent on dragging us backwards into the future. None of this is good, and it is all done in the name of getting even more control over us.

When the Cold War ended, we were unopposed as a global superpower, and it was a chance for a real peace, with a peace dividend. Without the need for such a military prescence, we could use the money wasted in nuclear proliferation to create a better country, and a better world. But the ones in charge invented a new boogeyman, and replaced Communist with Terrorist- even better, since it was less-defined, scarier, multinational, and irrational. Remember, fear is more effective if people are vague on what they're afraid of.

And so they reached into the evil old past and brought back the Crusades, and are waging an ever-escalating war on all things Islamic. Considering the hundreds of millions of Muslims across the world and the millions in this country, it would seem an insane and self-destructive course. It is. Keep attacking someone long enough and they'll respond in kind, or worse. Treat people with murderous hate, and they'll learn to hate you back. Our leaders slaughter innocent civilians by the thousands and ignore the blowback.

But that madness wasn't enough, and so they brought back the Inquisition. They now torture at will, to anyone they say opposes them. Innocent or not, doesn't really matter. That judge who just gave his sanction to the illegal kidnapping and torture ( should get a lesson in "do unto others". Wonder how he'll spend his thirty pieces of silver.

They tossed out the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, and they're revoking human rights to pre-Magna Carta days. This is utter fascism and tyranny, and a violation of everything this country claims to stand for. Why don't we just rebrand ourselves "Communist Russia," since we now have as official State policy for every bad thing we ever said they were doing. Our government now rountinely does deeds that are war crimes, things that people were hung for after World War II.

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. When you propose murder, kidnapping, and torture, don't be surprised and don't complain when it's done to you and your people.

And let us hope those evil bastards who participate in these crimes will someday be brought to account.

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