Sunday, September 26, 2010

New Story and Changes

Sorry it's been a few days since posting, but this month got crazy, especially after school started for my daughters.

Last Monday, we got the news at work that a big company wants to acquire us. So now we've got to live with more uncertainty- will things change? Will my job still be available? Not things you like having to worry about. The recession is over only insomuch as you have a job- that's the cold hard reality.

Writing keeps my mind from worrying, even if for a short time. So I've been working hard today, and finished writing a new story: "Carnival of Pain." Had the original idea a very long time ago, and was never able to do anything with it. But the story gelled recently, and now it's done. Sent it off to its very first market as well. Fly, little one, find a home.

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