Monday, September 6, 2010

Labor Day

It's been a great Labor Day Weekend so far. Lots of time with my family, even though we were shy one yesterday, as my wife drove down to a friend's and helped her through a tough time.

Finally got to ride the Bruce Freeman Bike Trail in Chelmsford Saturday. Wow- what a gorgeous, well-maintained path. So convenient for biking or even walking. Perfect, shaded path, and even on a hot day it was fine. They've done a great thing in making this a communal space for exercise and enjoying natural beauty.

Then we tried kayaking, but the rental place was closed. Wah. So we played tennis instead, and had a fine time.

Buckled down the last two days and wrote out the complete draft of a new short story, Moose Tracks. Completed it last night, about 2300 words. Great satisfaction at completing some new piece of work.

Today is such a perfect Fall day, it's time to pick apples!

Then tomorrow, it's back to work for me, back to school for the girls, who are less than happy about the prospect. They enjoy their Summer leisure.

For me, it was all too short a Summer. Yeah, technically there's two plus weeks left, but Labor Day is a marker milestone. And the weather change certainly put an emphasis on the difference, giving us an early taste of Fall.

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