Sunday, December 19, 2010

Frantic Holidays

Haven't posted much, haven't written much, because of so much going on with the holidays. It's been a crazy time. Just trying to keep head above water. Am looking forward to some vacation down time, to get back on track.

But not writing doesn't mean not planning. Recently I figured out how to fix a problem novel (different from a novel problem). This is a biggie, as I couldn't find the clear way to improve the thing, after years of having it sit around. My long works are organic and carefully plotted, and you can't just toss stuff in to pad it out. So it sat, a bit flat and a bit short. Good ideas, a lot well-executed, but not complete.

And then, pow! the answer came in about five minutes, and the solution clicked on all cylinders. I'm just blown away that it's so simple, and absolutely avoided my conciousness for so long. Duh.

This is good, very good, because writers can get stale rather quickly. If you don't exercise that mental muscle, that careful crafting, it gets harder to get back to it. I just read a writer blog (with much sadness) and she says she's taking such a break from writing, she doesn't feel the fire anymore, and may not write in the future. I certainly hope this is not the case, as she is a terrific writer with things to say. I would be sad and terrified if I lost the fire and didn't feel like writing anymore.

So- on to the Christmas cards, and the family stuff, and getting things done at work. Then, into the breach!

Happy holidays, all. Stay safe, and appreciate all the good things you have.

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