Sunday, December 26, 2010


Happy Boxing Day. No, it doesn't man you can punch someone-- it's an interesting "celebration"- if you haven't heard of it, look it up.

Hope you all had a great holiday. Around here the wrapping is off the gifts, and with other detritus, is still scattered about, with boxes, bangles, and bows. The Christmas was good, as was the Christmas dinner, with a tasty turkey and all the trimmings. We lazed about, watched "A Christmas Story" on TV, read a little, and got to relax. All good.

Now time to get back to work, get the writing back on track. Am eager to tackle the problem novel, now that the problem is solved. That's just one of the many projects to do, but it'll be a good start. After the novel is fixed and polished, the goal is to have it in print next year, along with another one or two.

One thing slowing me down is bad back pain, with limited movement as a result. And now we've got a blizzard coming, which means shoveling and pushing out cars. This will take some doing. Ugh.

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