Saturday, February 5, 2011

Award Nomination

Latest news-- my story "Bootleggers" has been nominated for a Derringer Award by the Short Mystery Fiction Society.

The story is archived on the Short-Story.Me site, and was selected for their second anthology, available in different formats from their home page.

Always nice to know that the work is getting read and is well thought of.


  1. Congratulations, Dale. That's excellent news.

  2. Congrats, Dale! Is there a link to where the nominees are posted?

  3. Debbi- You may have to be a member of the Yahoo Group to see it, but try:

    It's nice that one of my better stories sees more life, and will get more readers.

  4. Hi Dale,

    I am a member. I can't seem to find the nominees to save my life. Oh, well. :)

    At some point, I'm sure they'll show up on the Short Mystery Fiction list.

  5. Debbi, sent you the list, which was buried in old messages.