Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Happy Groundhog Day and good education blog

Happy Groundhog Day! Wait, didn't I already say that? (Bill Murray moment)
I'm told this tradition comes from St Brigid of Ireland (it's the Imbolc celebration), and it was originally a weather-prognostication from the behavior of snakes. Then it morphed into a hedgehog somehow, and when the Dutch settled Pennsylvania, the closest thing to a hedgehog was a Groundhog. And so now we have Punxatawny Phil, who this year has predicted an early Spring. Had it been six more weeks of winter after this mess, they'd have probably lynched him...

Now, wasn't that educational? But if you want a real discussion about educational issues, check out Valerie Rushanan's blog at Education is Global. It's a great forum to deal with the complex issues facing educators, students, and parents these days. Goodness knows, we need some help! It's a system that needs revamping, and knowing some of the issues is a good place for us to start.

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  1. FYI--a snarkier blog about the problems with the educational system. Intelligent and funny, yet sad.