Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Another Humor Sale

Spent awhile yesterday sending out submissions, and it paid off quickly-- just sold another short humor piece, this one to Eric's Hysterics. This is an interesting "market." It's actually a guy's blog, but he's listed as a legit market, and he pays, out of his own pocket. Publishes one funny thing each Monday, on the premise that we should start the week off with a laugh. Good for him.

Here's the new way of doing things. Someone provides a regular value print or online mag, or in this case, a blog, and gets contributors at a bargain rate. People submit via email, and as it's a one-person show, he got back to me within 24 hours, resulting in another sale. Cool.

It's why I have no patience for the many places that take weeks, or even months, to respond to a submission. Sure they get a lot, but limit your submission periods, and only reopen when you've got through the pile. Duh. Nope, some just put out the word and get overwhelmed, then a story sits in limbo for far too long. Then they send out a "we're too busy, and we lost/threw out/gave up" and you've wasted too long on them. And yeah, this includes the "pro" markets, who are often the worst offenders.

So I support the little guys, if they make an effort. Win-win all around.

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