Saturday, April 23, 2011

New Story

Well, after working all day, have finally finished the new story I was writing, putting in about another 2500 words. Whew! But it's a good one, well worth the time spent on it. Am very pleased with how it turned out.

This one had a deadline, because I've submitted it as an entry for the Al Blanchard Award, run by the folks at CrimeBake, and the contest entries end next Saturday.

I actually met Al before he passed away, and he was a hardworking mystery writer who was starting to make a name for himself. His passing leaves an emptiness in the writing world, and the award is a good way to honor him.

This was a goal I'd set for this month, and am quite happy to have done it. That's the second finished story this month, over 8500 words, well over 10% of a good-length novel.

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