Monday, August 1, 2011

Benefit to Help a Writer, Spineless Pols

Joe Konrath, the self-publishing powerhouse, once again shows his mensch creds. His recent blog posting is a notice about the plight of writer L.A. Banks, who has cancer and a mountain of medical bills:

Once again, it is disgusting that our country has neither the will or brainpower to enact decent healthcare legislation. The spinelessness of politicians can be seen in our current "financial crisis," all because this bunch of crooks can't agree on how to divvy up the money they steal from us, so they can waste billions for wars on the other side of the planet.

Because stupid, pointless, expensive wars are WAY more important than healthcare, safe roads, good schools, food inspection, and real safety, right?

Next election time, remember how they sold out the country-- and vote for ANY third-party candidate. Get rid of all the gutless bastards and incumbent thieves-- replace them with someone not affiliated with big-money machines.

Have you had enough yet? When will you? When the country is bankrupt and you can't feed your kids?

Some days I shouldn't watch the news.

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