Wednesday, February 22, 2012

How Publishers Treat Authors

I was recently posting in an AbsoluteWrite forum about my decision to go with a small publisher for my first novel, thinking I'd help other writers by giving information and data points they could use, explaining my reasons, and giving actual examples.

All kinds of wingnuts came out of the woodwork to tell me how wonderful it was to have a big publisher with a lot of money to throw at you-- and the public, for publicity for your book.

Sure, I said, but I haven't found a fairy godmother to grant my wishes like that, so for those of us in the real world, it's better to get your book published and work hard to promote it yourself.

Well that got their undies in a twist, and they responded by saying I didn't know diddly about the publishing world.

After I got done laughing, I detailed my years of experience and voluminous research, citing examples of those who had come to the same conclusions about Big Trad Pub, including numerous traditionally-published authors. The wingnuts sputtererd in outrage, saying how wonderful Big Trad Pub was, and what a mistake it was to think otherwise.

So I offer as one piece of evidence, this post from Joe Konrath, who's been very successful outside the Big Trad Pub world-- which causes them fits-- because they have to then downplay everything he does-- because it shows they're full of pony poop.

The post tells how the Big Trad Pub world has been treating authors--hint-- not well.

So you be the judge-- try and win the lottery and maybe get a book out and maybe win again and have it do well, and maybe win again and get treated well... etc, etc.

OR-- take charge of your career, do it yourself, and have no cause to whine or complain.

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