Monday, February 20, 2012

Review of New Mystery- Liver Let Die

If you like your mysteries fun, fast, and fresh, try this sassy debut novel from Liz Lipperman.

Liver Let Die details the tribulations of a young lady, wannabe sports reporter Jordan McAllister, as she takes on a new job that's murder. As a hapless and hopeless anti-foodie who has a hard time even boiling water, she's tapped to become an overnight food critic, and must journey to an exclusive new restaurant and report on the cuisine.

Of course the assignment turns out to be a lot more than she bargained for, and a mystery ensues, with Jordan as a suspect. Things get heated up even more when Jordan stumbles on a recipe for success-- not bad for a gal who can't cook, and whose idea of haute cuisine is a Sizzler.

Along the way, she must deal with a host of men who complicate things. Are these guys here to help her or hinder her? Are they romantic possibilities, or killers in disguise? The author keeps you guessing with a variety of role changes in the shifting cast.

Jordan is aided by a colorful cast of characters, who give her everything from moral and immoral support, to recipes for her new column. It's a lively group who pull together to make sure things don't get too far out of hand. They don't always succeed in this, but they try real hard.

This is one of those mysteries that's a great fast read, where you just keep breezing along. And it's got some interesting, down-home, real-life recipes to try, as an added bonus. So pick up a copy and settle back for a fun ride. And then try the chicken... but just don't order the duck...

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