Saturday, March 24, 2012

Library Talk

Had a great talk today at the Dunstable (MA) public library.
Had no idea what kind of crowd to expect, but set up my display anyway.
But Susan was in charge, and I was very pleasantly surprised to see an audience- the members of the adult reading group from the library.
So we chatted about publishing, the writing process, and my books.
I talked for over an hour, and fielded some terrific questions.
I explained how tough it was to get your book noticed- that library alone has over 15,000 novels!
Wonderful time meeting readers and talking about the current state of books and publishing.
And in a bit of Jungian synchronicity, NY Times best-seller mystery writer Debbi Mack was talking about Promoting Literacy with Little Libraries!

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  1. Speaking of Jungian synchronicity, I've updated the post you embedded here to mention your library appearance. Don't you love the Internet! :D