Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Great Author's Expo

Been another busy time-- attended the Author's Expo at the Danversport Yacht Club, put together by the folks at Pear Tree Publishing. (Thanks to the volunteers, by the way)

There were writers, publishers (including both my publishers, Briona Glen and Rosstrum Publishing), bookstore representatives, and more, first networking and then meeting and greeting the public, who came to browse and buy.

There was music and entertainment, and celebrities. I met Mark Goddard, who played Major West on the old TV show Lost in Space. He seemed like a nice person, very gracious. Found out he's a local boy, having grown up in the area.

There was a table for the New England Horror Writers (NEHW), who had a fun display. I belong to this group, but I've got a bunch of books out, so I need my own table for display.

Sold some books, gave more away-- for the raffle to raise money for breast cancer, met some new folks, and had a great time.

I'd have pictures to show you, but the tool at Staples lied about what was needed to get pictures off my cellphone, so we'll need someone with some actual technical expertise.

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