Tuesday, July 31, 2012


July's been a bear of a month, and was so busy, didn't get much writing done. Did plot out a couple of new stories, and set a schedule for getting other things done, but didn't get enough words on paper.

August will be different. I'm going to get at least 31,000 words done, average at least 1000 words a day. Not an easy task with a day job, family, and other committments, but I am driven, and have some goals that need to be met.

It's work. Hard brain sweat. Not digging ditches, but work nonetheless.

Did you see the opening of the Olympics, and the pageant about the workers? Ironic, considering the overwhelming corporate overseeing of everything to do with the games.

And how about that celebration of National Health Care? What an idea-- having a country where people can get seen by doctors without going broke. If only our government would embrace that concept. But they won't-- as long as they have guaranteed health care, paid for by the very people they deny it to. I say they should only get what everyone gets-- that would turn them around fast.

But we have a country where a minimum-wage worker at 40 hours a week cannot afford a 2-bedroom unit rental. In Washington, DC, you'd have to work 140 hours a week. And 2007 was the last time the rich lawmakers in DC raised the minimum wage.

The only jobs are in the cities-- where someone starting out cannot afford to live.

Here's some interesting data on the subject:

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