Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Busy Time

Hello again. It's been kind of crazy lately, with lots of work to be done. Here's what's happening currently:

Got the word out about my latest story publication, in Fiction and Verse.

Finished one new story (by invitation) for an upcoming anthology, where all the proceeds go to a charity.

Just finished another anthology story for the new Fungi, which should be out this Winter.
Still have to get it critiqued and revised before sending off.

Wrote a review and blurb for another writer's new book.

Wrote a short flash story for the Crime Bake contest and submitted.

Answered interview questions for another blog, to be out soon.

Plans to support another writer at his library signing next week.

Details on supplying books on consignment for area bookstore.

Getting things ready and ordering supplies for the upcoming conference--
and the Author's Expo on Sunday, Nov. 11.

Keep fielding the question "When's Book #3 of the Zack Taylor series coming out?"
(Not soon enough! But I'm working on it!)

Edits on another book that needs to be released soon.

That's all part-time, after my day job. It's a very, very, mad world.
But a good one.

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