Sunday, October 21, 2012

More Story Sales

Wow- been a great writing and selling month so far.
Started the month with a story sale to Fiction and Verse, which was published.

Then I got my anthology invite story accepted for Nightfalls, a collection where all the proceeds go to a charity.

Wrote an all-new story for the new Fungi anthology, and just got news of acceptance of that one.

And another story sale, to Over My Dead Body. I'll link when it's up.
They published my story "The Mousetrap" last August.

And my story Heartsounds, which was published in Jan of 2011 was just selected for inclusion in a new anthology The Best of Every Day Fiction Four.

Also just got word I'm a finalist in the contest “50 Great Writers You Should  Be Reading” on Author Radio.

Loving it! Now I just need to write more stories.

And write more books. Have to get Book #3 of the Zack Taylor series, A Shadow on the Wall out as soon as possible. People keep asking when it will be out.

Ah, the wonderful pressure of success-- "When's the next one?"

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