Thursday, October 18, 2012

Happy Anniversary, Herman Melville

Today's Google fun is a set of links to Herman Melville works and info, as they're celebrating the 161st anniversary of the publication of the book Moby Dick (kudos to Google for the props to Herman, who unjustly suffered obscurity and unappreciation while he was alive).

The book that was a failure in its time. Melville had an early hit, and then faded off the literary landscape during his lifetime, only to have his literary reputation enhanced in the 1920's and beyond. Now we acknowledge the book to be one of the must-read literary classics.

Maybe they could do a Dr. Who episode where they do for Herman what they did for Vincent Van Gogh-- one of the best episodes ever, where they briefly bring Van Gogh into the present, to hear an expert talk at length about the mastery of Van Gogh's paintings and how they are so beloved and valued. Not bad for a guy who couldn't sell his stuff while he was alive.
Boy, did I love that idea!

Who's your favorite underappreciated genius of the past?

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