Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter, April Fools

Gotta tell ya, I loves me some Spring! Been sitting, working on a book since about last Thanksgiving without getting out. So yesterday I escaped into the dazzling sunlight, and we even got to Newburyport, Mass. Had never been there, and wanted some quaint oceanside town, and we got it. Lovely place, little shops, and stuff to see.

Now it was only about 50 degrees, not Summer by a long stretch, but some people were wearing shorts and T-shirts.
How can you walk around like that without shivering and going numb?

I felt like the Grumpy Old Man who wanted to say "Get some clothes on, ya morons!"

But hey, whatever floats your boat...

We welcome Spring. Am tired of foot-high snowfalls every week.

So enjoy your Easter, and watch out tomorrow for pranksters!

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