Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Judgment Days

It was a busy few days. First I served as judge for a High School speech competition on Saturday, spending many hours watching about 30 different kids do their talks in 5 different categories.

And along with suggestions for improvements, I had to be nice... so it was tough.
Just kidding- it was great-- these kids are well-spoken, polite, and communicate well. Not like teenagers at all!

And then this last Monday, I was in Nashua to judge the Flash Fiction Regional Competition, sponsored by the New Hampshire Writer's Project.

We had a number of contestants read original stories in three minutes or less.
The quality was great, and it was a good time, quite well attended.
I received good feedback on my feedback to the readers. Many said it helped them to clarify what could be improved in their story.

Thanks to everyone who came, including some I conned into attending, who all lied and said they had a good time.

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