Thursday, July 4, 2013

Books and Boos Multi-Author Charity Signing

Happy July 4th! Hope your holiday is safe and you have good times.

Catching up here on last month activities. A number of authors in the horror genre gave up a beautiful June afternoon to attend the benefit signing for Holly Newstein Hautala, widow of noted horror writer Rick Hautala, who passed away a few months previous.

The event was held at Books and Boos bookstore, sponsored by Jason and Stacey Longo Harris. It was a good rollicking time, and many people donated items for the auction to help a widow in need.
Here's a group mug shot:

And we had a great panel discussion on the Favorite Books of All Time- from left to right: Vincent H.O'Neil, G. Elmer Munson, Stacey (Longo) Harris and Dale T. Phillips


And of course we had our books for sale- here's my table with Vlad Vaslyn.

Here's a list of other writers who gave up their time and donated works- check out their books!
Vlad Vaslyn
Vince O'Neil
Scott Goriscak
G. Elmer Munson
Jennifer Allis Provost
Bill Rockwell (big Dr. Who fan)
Trisha Wooldridge
David Price

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