Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Maine Crime Writers and Top Ten

Today I'm featured on the website of the Maine Crime Writers, with a great interview:


And the first Zack Taylor mystery, A Memory of Grief, continues to climb the charts in its promo, reaching the Top Ten in a Kindle Free Category:

#18 in  Mystery & Thrillers > Mystery > Hard-Boiled

#27 in  Mystery & Thrillers > Crime Fiction

#10 in  Mystery & Thrillers > Crime Fiction > Murder

And the third Zack Taylor mystery, A Shadow on the Wall just got another good review on Amazon.

Now that's what I call a good promotion day for a writer...

If you want to see the genesis of a megastar in the writing world, with a cautionary tale, check out Joe Konrath's tale of his early years.

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