Saturday, January 10, 2015

Ann Everett Talkin' Twang

Howdy, y'all.
I'm currently featured on the blog of Texas writer Ann Everett, on her "Talkin' Twang" blog.

If you haven't yet discovered her, she's written a very funny book that I liked: Laid Out and Candle Lit.

Here's a quick description:
Tizzy Donovan is having a run of bad luck. A bakery delivery gone wrong. A bar fight with an old classmate. And the discovery of a dead body in the cemetery.
Texas Ranger Ridge Cooper’s luck isn’t much better. He’s finally gotten his first solo case, and it’s in the Podunk town of Brownsboro, Texas. But when he meets local beauty, Tizzy, he thinks his luck is about to change, until she becomes the prime suspect in his case!

She's written others, too, but that's a good start to her writing, full of Southern sass and good humor. Even damn Yankees will love it!

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