Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Marketing Talk For Writers

Our Nashua group of the New Hampshire Writer's Project was recently treated to a useful talk on marketing for writers by author Connie Johnson Hambley. (see an interview with Connie here)
Incredible turnout for our first meeting of 2015, and all in our new digs at Fody's in Nashua.

Much needed, because authors are usually introverts, which makes it difficult to put on the extrovert hat and interface with the public.

Connie's a marketing whiz, and gave us great tips for increasing our author footprint in the digital world, and how to connect with readers, all of which helps readers find an author and buy more of their work.

Connie is shown making a point below. On her right is Ursula Wong, our moderator, who arranged the event.

Getting writers out on a freezing Monday night is a chore, but when you have a good group and a great speaker, they come to listen.


And still we had time for a usual part of our meetings, where people get to read a short piece of their writing. Here's Claudia, bravely getting up for the first time before the group.

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