Thursday, January 8, 2015

Tess Gerritsen Book Launch at NEMBF

Last night were were treated to a talk at the New England Mobile Bookfair by superstar author Tess Gerritsen, in support of the launch of her latest book, Die Again. On a freezing weeknight, she filled the bookstore with people eager to hear her speak and buy her most recent publication.

This is only half the crowd- by showtime, all the seats were filled.

As always, she was witty, informative, entertaining, and extraordinarily gracious with fans.
A wonderful night, well worth the sub-zero trek. Check your local independent bookstore for great appearances, even if they can't match this one. The New England Mobile Bookfair sponsors many terrific author events (check out December's Gala Mystery Night).

Here's store owner Tom Lyons with the Guest of Honor
Tess with fellow best-seller Hank Phillippi Ryan
Other top thriller/mystery authors came out in support.
Here are Ray Daniel, Connie Johnson Hambley, and Daniel Palmer.
To see an interview with Ray, click here.
To see an interview with Connie, click here.
To see an interview with Daniel, you're tough out of luck for now.
Tom's friend Robin Stratton joins in the fun...
Daniel and Tom showing their Happy Face...
Tom being a little happier, after many sales

 And now for the fun part- signing and selling copies of Die Again.

Connie gets a copy

As does Daniel, who seems to be saying he left his wallet at home...

Hank does another scoop (sorry, couldn't resist)

Ray gets his copy and a smile
Tom does promo
And Connie, happy to see her book The Charity on the shelf- a thrill that never gets old!
And just so you know I'm a fan as well- here's a shot with Tess and I at Bouchercon 2013, in Albany.
And special thanks to superfans Robin and Steve, who once more showed up to support the bookstore and authors. They also bought many books at the Gala Mystery night in December.


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  1. It was a very good event. I can only encourage people to get out to listen to and meet these amazing authors.