Saturday, December 9, 2017

Gala Mystery Night at the New England Mobile Bookfair

Well, we had a grand blowout party for mystery authors at the
Gala Mystery Night,
hosted at the New England Mobile Bookfair.
Great book-buying event of the season, where folks come and see their favorite mystery writers signing copies.

Although this was the 6th annual party of this type, this was the first time at the new location of the recently-moved bookstore.
To see recent posts of the bookstore's big move, click here, and Grand Opening, click here.

Love the new location- easy to move around and mingle, and find the books and people you want.
I managed to get a few pics of the celebrity writers attending, so let's get to it.

Excellent turnout, with snacks provided

You'll see many authors are holding up books written by others, because our writing community is so supportive of others, and we buy books written by our peers.

Tom Lyons, owner of the bookstore (and author and poet in his own right), gives an interview to Lorraine Seymourian of WNTN 1550

Star of the night (more on that later) Tess Gerritsen shows off her musical chops

Then it's her turn for an interview

Bookstore staff picks for the books of two good writers:
Ursula Wong and debut author Adam Abramowitz
To see an interview with Ursula, click here

Another awesome pair of writers:
Dave Zeltserman
and Bruce Robert Coffin
To see an interview with Dave, click here
 To see an interview with Bruce, click here

Marilyn Brooks, of Marilyn's Mystery Reads with Tom and Dave

To see an interview with Connie, click here

To see an interview with Edith, click here

To see an interview with Kate, click here

Ray Daniel (the Evil Ray,
from Episode 37, Mirror, Mirror, for all you Star Trek/SNL fans)
with Jay Shepherd
To see an interview with Ray, click here

Marshall Stein with Bruce. Connie in back, photobombing...

William Landay with Connie

Just a few best-selling books from this group: Leigh Perry, Sheila Connolly, and Sarah Smith
 To see an interview with Leigh, click here

Clea Simon joins Adam for a buy of each others' work

Connie, Sarah, Anne Macdonald, Mo

 Gary Braver looks surprised (or guilty)

Hans and Judy Copek, cornerstones of our local groups

Leslie Wheeler with her new book, Rattlesnake Hill

And my Zack Taylor series was selling some copies 

Edith, Elisabeth, Leslie, and Bruce

C. Michelle Dorsey makes another sale

 Some guys get all the luck: Lisa, Daniel, and Tess

Sarah with a toast

Sarah, Sheila, Mo, and Clea

Lisa and Joanna, 
with Joanna's debut novel, The Vanishing Season

And having an award presentation makes for a better party.
Here's Tom, announcing the winner of this year's Robert B. Parker Award for outstanding mystery writing:

 Winner: Tess Gerritsen!

Lovely award

Solemn crowd for this

So Tess joins Linda Barnes, a previous recipient of the award.

Adam and Dave sign more books

Da guys: Gary, William, Ray, Joe Finder, Daniel

And debut author of a children's book on the bookstore shelf,
Sharon Kathrn

Here she gets a copy from Daniel, joined by Lisa

The ever- wonderful Hank Philippi Ryan was also there, and I did not get a pic of her.
So here's one from a previous signing at the old location

Here's John Wasowicz with his debut novel

So a great time, and people have a lot more books to read! 
If you missed it this year, make plans for 2018.
Always the first Thursday in December.
Remember, books make great gifts- so get on down to the Bookfair and get some gifts for yourself, and for others!

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