Sunday, November 22, 2009

Book recommendation

Just finished an awesome book you should read: Why We Suck by Dennis Leary. It's not only funny, so much of it is true. He tells it like it is, why men are the way we are, how the world works, and how he loathes celebutards (as do) I and the culture spawning their ubiquitous presence in the media. It seems the dumber you are, the more show time you get on television. We now have the privilege of watching human train wrecks competing for our limited attention span.

Back in the early 60's, Newton Minnow called television the vast wasteland. And that was before reality shows. I was raised on the idiot box, and I can easily slip into a blobby trance while watching bad television. So it speaks volumes when I can flip through a hundred channels and not find one thing worth my limited remaining time here on this plane of existence. It's a variation of Gresham's Law, with the bad driving out the good. They've killed television, and that may be a good thing. I'll actually shut it off and go do something else, which is absolutely the best thing.

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