Sunday, November 1, 2009

New Month

Happy Daylight Savings Time, this first day of November. It was a beauty, starting with that lovely extra hour. We should have that extra hour more often- it seems like it 's worth three or more. And the warm sun made it extra special.

Need it after last night, Trick-or-Treating with the kids. This might be my last year doing it. Wah. It was a perfect night for Halloween, an almost-full moon, and ghostly clouds scudding across the sky, driven by a swift wind. Warm enough for costumes without jackets. And a fun person to hang back with while the kids rang doorbells and collected sweet tribute.

All had good, safe fun, and we go into Thanksgiving month with much to be thankful for. In three weeks it's Turkey Time, and then the day and a half until Christmas! It was a fast year, folks. Yeah, there may be 60 days left, but they're booked pretty solid already. It's good to have a full life.

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