Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! Hope your holiday is a good one. Let's be thankful for the good things we have.

The holiday didn't start well. While driving home yesterday I was rear-ended on the highway by a dumb kid following too close and not paying attention. After we pulled over, I asked him for his information. After ten minutes of he and his friend fumbling around in their car, he admitted he didn't know what that was.
Wow. So much for education in this country. Gee, what could I possibly be looking for? Hmmm? Must have been stoned all through Driver Ed, huh? How about registration, license, insurance info... any of that ring a bell?

To put the cherry on the sundae, there was no writing inplement. I always have something to write with in my vehicle. Someone had removed it. I also always have something to write with in my work bag. That was mysteriously absent as well. Of course goober or his friend had nothing. Nevertheless, I got his name and address and proceeded home, where I started my holiday dealing with an insurance company and negotiating with a garage on the last weekend of the month. Oh joy.

All that aside, we are very fortunate in this country, and don't appreciate it as much as we should. I've traveled a lot, and seen horrible living conditions for people not lucky enough to live here. I've also seen the most abysmal conditions for some people that do live here. Right now in this country there are homeless people, hungry people, human beings living in abject misery and deprivation. Others live in unimaginable wealth and privilege and power, and do little to help.

Want to feed somebody for free? Go to the Hunger Site, at:
and click on the button. Nothing is downloaded, no forms to fill out, that's it-- but your click means the advertisers donate a portion of food to someone who doesn't have enough to eat. You can do it once a day for each computer you're on. Small act, but one that multiplied could change the world for the better. Be a better person and help someone out today. And everyday, for that matter.
Make this holiday matter- live it well and count your many blessings.

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