Sunday, December 4, 2011

Contest Winner, Writing Fast

Congratulations to Michelle Grayce, who won a copy of A Memory of Grief from the contest at Shellyrae's Book'dOut. Hope she enjoys a good mystery novel.

Many sites host contests where you can win free books, so treat yourself for Christmas!

I've always been a believer in the slow writing process, with lengthy, painstaking revisions and editing.

Yet Dean Wesley Smith and others have said that we should write fast, to access the creative side of the brain. Dean says that's the best writing stuff, and that we shouldn't bother with a lot of rewriting-- it takes too much of the good stuff out, as it's the other side of the brain at work then.

Other opinions, like Zoe Winters and others are all for word flow.

I'm rethinking my process. How about you? What's your preferred style? I know a few people who try NaNoWriMo and find some value in it. So is faster better?

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