Saturday, December 10, 2011

First Story Collection Published

Inspired by folks like Joe Konrath and Dean Wesley Smith, who have told us we could now do well by writing good works and publishing them ourselves, I took up the challenge.

Here is one amazing result-- my first story collection is now available! Fables and Fantasies is a book of 5 tales of magic, swords, vampires, princesses in peril, and choices to be made. Heroes and villains and something in between. Monsters, both internal and external. Encounters with the unusual to make you think, laugh, and shiver with fright.

Three stories are all new, and two have been previously published, in Aoife's Kiss and Sorcerous Signals. So hard-nosed professional editors have paid tough-to-come-by-money for some of these tales. Four of these stories are available as singles.

It's a great new world for the writers who want to succeed. No more lottery systems-- just get the work up and let the readers decide! Viva La Revolution!

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