Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Second Story Up, Continuing, 50 to go!

Got another story up tonight, "Our New Queen." It's now up, with a gorgeous cover- take a look:

Apart from being an unsettling dark fantasy tale, it's a testament to determination. The first time it didn't go through, had some formatting errors, even though I used the Nuclear Option. So I redid it, and just got word it went through fine! You sometimes have to keep trying.

So that's 2 down, 50 to go. Phew.

And that's after we had to return a dead Christmas tree today. After we'd decorated it. Stripped it, tied on the vehicle (in the rain) and drove it back. I figured out why it was dead when I saw the remains of the "fresh cuts" the guy had been doing. He was cutting alright, but about half an inch. Inexperience is going to mean a lot of dead trees this year.

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