Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year 2011

Anybody else think that was a wicked fast year? Holy crap, it shot by like a bullet.

At least I feel like I made progress this year, so I can't grouse too much.

Writing accomplishments:
Finally got my novel published! Got it into bookstores, libraries, signings, got to talk about it in person and in interviews. Had the book launch, which was a smash success. Got my first royalty check!

Finished the second novel and sent off for publication. It was supposed to be out by now, but snags at the publisher have delayed it through this season. Not cool, as I've lost quite a few sales because of this.

Kept writing, and published more stories and poems.

Published the first of my short stories and collections as ebooks, a different direction and strategy.

Dipped into audio, recording and publishing my first podcast.

Greatly expanded all social media. Not necessarily a good thing!

Went to the Crime Bake Mystery Conference, and had a great time.

So all in all, pretty darn good. I can look back and say it was worth it.

So you have a safe and happy holiday. Let's see what the New Year has to offer!


  1. Happy new year, Dale! :)

    Congrats on all your accomplishments. Wishing you great things for the coming year.

  2. Thanks Debbi, and same to you. Hope you rip it up with Riptide!