Saturday, May 12, 2012

Meeting Good Authors

Today our town hosted an event with Tony Horwitz and Geraldine Brooks, a married pair of Pulitzer-Prize-winning journalists-- and now novelists.
They had a terrific forum, where they shared the stage, and "interviewed" each other about the work and the writing process. Then they answered the many questions from the audience.

I was pleased to see they were nice, intelligent, fun. The types you'd like to hang out with, and talk good books and life.

They recommended the work of other writers, so I've picked up some of those recommendations, and more books by each of this dynamic pair.

There are other writers with more ego than talent, who make meeting them a pain-- not so with these two. Makes you want to hear more.

Kudos to the Chelmsford library for hosting this event. I love living in a literate town!

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