Tuesday, May 1, 2012

No More Waiting

There are some people who still say that writers should wait to publish until the big traditional publishers say they're ready (meaning they can make a ton of money off the writer's work).
Well, that's a load of pony poop. Here are a couple more nuggets of info to support that view.

Writer Jessica Park, on Why One Traditionally-Published Author is Now Choosing Self-Publishing:

And here's a report from someone who was at a literary festival at the weekend and sat in on a presentation on ‘Getting that novel published’ with an agent and a publisher on stage. Talk about pony poop from self-serving dipsticks!

Thanks to the revolution in publishing, writers no longer have to scrape for scraps, and beg for the privilege of getting their works out to readers. They're doing it themselves-- and it has created a huge swell of scared backlash from big publishers, who are still in denial about what's happening.

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