Sunday, October 19, 2014

At the New England Librarian's Association Conference

I spent some time today at a signing booth at the New England Librarian's Association Conference.

This was sponsored by the Sisters in Crime, who do a table every year at the conference. We spoke with people and told them about the SinC Speaker's Bureau, how we can have panels come to a library for a big discussion with patrons about the art and craft of writing mysteries.

Below: A new fan (left), and in back J.E. Seymour (left) and Edith Maxwell.

As writers, we love and value librarians as people who foster culture and reading. And we met librarians from various places in New England- even those next door! Had fun, and hope the conference goes well for them all.

Me and booth-mate J.E. Seymour
Many thanks to Edith Maxwell (left in photo below), who was in charge of the booth this year. She's there all weekend, making sure things go well.

And we met others there as well, like Sheryl Faye, who portrays historical characters such as Clara Barton, Helen Keller, and Eleanor Roosevelt. She does a lot of work with schools and libraries.

Had to add these- the SinC booth won a Blue Ribbon for Best Booth Display! Congrats and thanks to Edith for a big win.
And here's super-author T. Stephens (in all-black) at the IPNE booth with Tordis, one of the IPNE publishers


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