Monday, October 13, 2014

Haunted Acres

Had a great time at Haunted Acres this last weekend, signing books in their big tent with other members of the New England Horror Writers. We named it "The Haunted Bookstore" and people-watched amid the screams and laughs. What a fun place! Definitely a must-do for folks who like scary theme parks.

Despite the all-male nature of our crew, we had a good time. Vlad and I were there promoting Insanity Tales, 9 scary stories for the Halloween season. While we were there, our rebroadcast of SciFi Saturday Night played over the airwaves, interviewing us with fellow Insanity authors Ursula Wong and Stacey Longo. Click the SciFi link to go to the site to hear the show.

Making faces

 Kurt and The Priestess. Check out his book Price of Vengeance
 J. Sjostrom, illustrator
Rob Smales- that guy is always taking pictures!

Vlad scares people...

More faces

Thanks to Brent for getting us there

And to the staff for the fun time, and to Kelly at the concession stand.

The last set of faces. Everyone wanted in on the act...

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