Friday, October 17, 2014

Interview With Marian Lanouette

Today we're meeting Marian Lanouette, a fellow Sister in Crime.

She's got three Jake Carrington novels out so far, with more on the way.

Q. So how did this novel come to be?

A. Years ago, I worked for a cemetery/crematory and often wondered if two people could fit in the box we cremated them in. Then I read a story about the mob and thought mob-cremation what a great murder mystery that would make. As you can tell I love the genre. And then I forgot about that idea and moved on.

Q. Was it envisioned from the start as a bigger canvas, or did it expand organically out of an idea? Please tell us a bit about the origin.

A. Well, it popped into my head again years later when I was at a conference and the seminar was on everyday heroes—firefighters, police, swat teams, EMT’s and more. Don’t ask me why it popped into my head at that moment but it did. So I ran home and started typing what later became Burn in Hell, the second book in the Jake Carrington Mystery Series.

Q. Did you start with the germ of an idea and start writing to see where it went, or did you map a good deal out in your head (or even outline) before crafting?

A. For this series, I’ve actually mapped out five books and have many more stories brewing for Jake and his friends.

Q. What do you feel is the main theme(s)?

A. Hmmm! I’d say fear of failure and lost love, this book combines both.

Q. Why do you feel this is important, and what would you want a reader to take away from reading this book?

A. I’d like them to take away that life is about choices, sometimes good, sometimes bad—but all can be corrected.

Q. What makes a good book or engaging story?

A. I think strong, flawed characters that the readers can either related to or root for.

Q. Are there writers with similar themes to yours? Who are your influences (can be writers, or even artists, musicians, or others) and what is it about their work that attracts you?

A. I’ve read a lot of mysteries and wouldn’t compare them to mine or anyone else. I think each author brings something special to their work. I like the works of J.D. Robb, Karin Slaughter, and Kim Cresswell.

Q. Is storytelling mostly entertainment, or does it serve other functions? Do you have particular goals other than telling a good story?

A. I think first it should be entertaining and then make you feel. Second, I think each story whether intended or not has moral to it and should, just like the fairy tales we all loved as children.

Q. Any other goals you've set for yourself, professionally or personally?

A. I’ve got three first drafts completed. My goal is to get them out in 2015.

Q. Some writers write fast and claim not to rewrite much. Do you do this, or painstakingly revise?

A. Oh, I write fast, but I have lots of revisions because of it. When I send it off I’m happy with it. Though it’s funny, I can always change something in it given the chance.

Q. Do you have good editors, and if so, how do they help you? Do they look for particular things? Do you have different people for different editing levels?

A. I have two editors I use before I submit a story to a publisher, than the publisher gives me a content and line editor. An editor makes your story stronger.

Q. If a writer came to you for advice, how would you help?

A. If it’s a new writer, I’d recommend craft classes. They’ve helped me so much and I still take refreshers to keep in the game. And I’d read their work if my schedule permitted.

Q. Stories can be told by using a different medium. Can you see your book as a film, audio, etc.? How would that alter the telling?

A. I can see the Jake Carrington Series as a movie or a television series. It’s a cop procedural and lends itself to that media.

Q. What's the next step in your writing world?

A. I’m in my third year of my five year plan. I’d like to find a larger house for my works.

Q. Tell us a fun fact about yourself.

A. I love snowboarding and walking

Q. Any other information you'd like to impart?

A. Yes, I have a release coming out on November 1st. It's anthology with four other authors, called a Season of Magic. I'm writing under the name of Merry Holly for this book. All the stories are holiday romances.Thanks for hosting me today, Dale. I had a blast.

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  1. Thank you, Dale, for hosting me today.

  2. Great seeing good new mysteries, and finding out more about the authors. It was a pleasure.