Sunday, October 26, 2014

Boston Book Festival Fun and Communing With Poe

This weekend I signed books at the Sisters in Crime booth at the Boston Book Festival in downtown Copley Square, across from the Boston Public Library.

Huge event, with many publishers and writers showcasing their wares. We were the first author set of the day, with fellow sisters Judy Copek and Penny Goetjen.

Later came more: here are Edith Maxwell, Sheila Connolly, Connie Johnson Hambley (Connie was interviewed here)

Here are Leigh Perry, Ray Daniel (Ray was interviewed here), Edith, and Janis Bolster

Here are Leslie Wheeler, Elaine Anderson, and Leslie Meier
And Marian Lanouette (interviewed here) and Arlene Kay (interviewed here)

After my stint with the Sisters, I dropped by the IPNE booth to see T. Stephens show his debut book, Dante's Cypher
Here he's with Rachael McIntosh

T. and I found time to walk down Boylston St to see the new statue of the great Edgar Allan Poe, done by artist Stefanie Rocknak.

And we had a great lunch at P.F. Chang's, a long-time restaurant known to Bostonians. The food, ambiance and service were top-notch, so a shoutout here for them. When you go see Edgar's statue, pop on across the street for a bite of delicious Asian food.
And I also met Sean Tuohy and Daniel Ford, of the cool podcast Writer's Bone, where they tell about all the new badass writers... Will have to give them a call...


  1. Thanks for sharing the pictures! It was such a lovely day in Boston that day. The Boston Book Festival was awesome. Just awesome and I will definitely do it next year. Rachael.

  2. Rachael, glad it was a good day for you as well. So nice when the weather makes it perfect! And all those books! We're blessed to live in a book-lovin' area.

  3. Always a pleasure to spend time with my good friend, mentor (even though he won't agree with it) and accomplished author, Dale T. Phillips. If you like horror, you should check him out. One of his books gave me...a grown man...a wild nightmare! Here is his blog. Check him out. Thanks again- T.Stephens.