Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Big Trip to Portland

Recently I took a couple of days off to go to Maine with a couple of friends and just hang out.
With a day job, a writing career, and sporadic attempts to engage in marketing the books I write, I seem to be always busy. So a brief interlude of idleness came as a welcome change.

We had an AirBnB- the price was right, as was the terrific view, even if the rest left a tad to be desired. But we mostly didn't care, because we could sit out on the little deck and look out over the water.

Of course we had to stop at the International Cryptozoology Museum in Portland.
Hey, they still sell my novel Shadow of the Wendigo.
Out there at Thompson's Point, next door to the museum is a beer tap room, a winery, and a distillery!

I ponder the mysterious universe...

We tried to visit the Portland Observatory, but they were closed for the season.

As the weather turned into a warm sunny day, we went next to Fort Williams State Park, which holds the famous Portland Head Lighthouse.

Perfect time to be there, and quite a crowd taking advantage of the day- even had a few brave waders.

In the town of Wells, we ate at Congdon's Donuts (a great diner), and at the Maine Diner, and got too-full at both. Yes, you MUST try the cod cakes, and the chowder.

When I go back up to Maine, I'm reminded of how wonderful it is, and how much I miss it. I set my Zack Taylor mystery series in Portland, because I wanted to feature all the good parts. The Portland bookstores sell the books, so if you go up, drop by Letterpress Books, Sherman's, Longfellow Books, or Nonesuch Books (South Portland)

Now to look for more excuses to get back up there.

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