Tuesday, April 9, 2019

New Venue in Downtown Nashua for Selling Local Author Books

Many stores (especially bookstores) complain about how tough it is to sell from a physical location in this day and age, when it's far more convenient to pop online and instantly have what you desire. Yet many bookstores idiotically turn away business by not welcoming or stocking local independent authors. 

However, some local businesses realize the value of having items in their store from local people, who send their fans to the store as customers. One such is Nashua Coins & Collectibles in downtown Nashua. 

They carry a great selection of coins and collectible items-- and now stock some authors from the area. What a great idea!

Now while you're in downtown Nashua, drop in and see what they have to offer. They may even have authors do signings there, so keep posted on happenings. Make sure to support local businesses, to keep the local economy healthy. Benefits for all.

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