Saturday, April 27, 2019

Signing at Indie Bookstore Day

Today was Indie Bookstore Day, so I went to sign books at our favorite local Indie bookstore, the New England Mobile Book Fair

They do a great job of enticing authors and book buyers with snacks, discounts, prizes, and entertainment (the mimosas were delicious- thank you, Mayre!). Today featured a scavenger hunt, with free books as prizes.

So I set up and got ready for the buyers.

With me today was terrific writer Adam Abramowitz, whose debut book, Bosstown, was a hit, and now he's got a second one out, A Town Called Malice, that's sure to be as good (or better).  He was fresh off his recent interview with local station WGBH.

They had a special Trolley tour to area bookshops, and I hear that two loads of passengers sold out the tickets. Great idea, and we enjoyed seeing so many book buyers flock in.

So a great time selling some books to new fans, and Adam had some locals that dropped in to support him.

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  1. Dale, as always thanks for participating and for putting us out there on your blog