Saturday, April 20, 2019

Mystery Author Kate Flora at Groton Library

Our Groton Mystery Book Club invited long-time, award-winning, superstar mystery author (and fellow Sister in Crime) Kate Flora to come and have a chat with some ardent fans.
Many thanks to the library staff and all those who made this event happen!
For an interview with Kate, click here

It was a lovely time, as Kate told us stories of her True Crime book, Finding Amy, about a real-life murder case up in Portland, Maine.

People really enjoyed hearing Kate tell about her experiences working with the police up in Maine.

She kept us entertained with anecdotes about her life and work.

It's always great when a well-known, popular author takes time to come and speak with fans like this, especially with clubs so particularly devoted to the mystery genre.

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  1. Thanks for this, Dale. I had every intention of being there but was reminded that it was Holy Thursday and I needed to be in church. I am delighted to have a glimpse into the evening.