Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Daughter Getting Published

Am a very proud dad. My daughter Erin has just had two of her poems sold, to Literature For Kids, a nice little market.

Her poems are by far better than mine. Beautiful imagery and word use. She'd written these up some time ago, and I thought they were terrific. They were snapped up quickly, so I guess I was right. Now I'm thinking she should do more...

Best part is, she's got bragging rights, as her pay for these will be more than I got for mine. ;-)

One due in July, another in September. Will post the link when they're up.


  1. That's wonderful! Tell her I said congratulations and keep writing. :)

  2. Debbi, thank you. I will tell her. Wish she would write more, because she's really good-- but I hold back from pushing my girls into things I want, and let them do the things they want.
    There's a good chance this will encourage her to write more, though.