Sunday, March 6, 2011

Poem Published

Got another poem out-- "Memories" was just published at Poetry Quarterly.

This has been an interesting sideline. I've written little bits and bobs of poems throughout the years, but never did anything with them. Then I had one I thought was good (I was channeling Anne Sexton, after all), so I sent it out, and Ghostlight bought it.

So I pulled out dusty old files, polished them up, and sent more out. Have sold half the poems of what I'd written.

Also was encouraged by my daughter Erin, who wrote a couple of very good poems. They're circulating in the submissions ether.

Doesn't shake the world, but it's nice to get more publishing credits. The more you have, the more editors take you seriously.

So it's a free online read. Enjoy!

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